Play Free Video Poker: Analyze All The Possibilities Of Bonus Options & Enjoy Gambling!

Video Poker is a unique casino game that combines the features of slot machines and table poker. There are no opponents, and payments are credited for the poker combinations collected on the screen of the machine. But the main advantage of the game is the ability to act on equal terms with the casino, which is not the case in video slots or roulette. Many online gambling software providers release unique devices to play free video poker with prize payouts, double bonus draws, and other surprises.

Play Free Video Poker

These can be inflated odds for certain combinations, thematic rounds, free games, and other functions. Sometimes providers manage to impress even our seasoned reviewers with prize options.

Play Free Video Poker: Double Bonus Device For Real Money

Can you play free video poker? Yes, you can! Double Bonus is represented by leading providers Microgaming, Red Rake Gaming, Betsoft, etc. Players can find this variant of video poker at flash casinos. Rules:

  • To play free video poker no download users will have to deal with one standard deck without jokers. All cards are shuffled before each deal;
  • The goal of the game is to collect a paid combination. It is allowed to change up to five cards once free of charge;
  • Double Bonus Poker has classic poker combinations from a pair of jacks;
  • Three varieties of Four of a Kind are played here: four of five-kings, four of fours and fours of four, and four of aces (listed in ascending order of value). They are highly paid combinations. The youngest of them is paid at the Straight Flush level, and the other two are significantly higher;
  • The bet can be from one to five coins. Their face value ranges from twenty-five cents to five dollars.

Users can try to increase the received payment in the game by doubling. Here they will have to choose randomly one of four hole cards, hoping that it will be higher than the dealer’s open card. In this case, the winnings will double. Otherwise, the bet goes to the casino. In these play free video poker games online, overestimated odds for some combinations are the bonus payments.

Triple Video Poker: The Advantages Of The Gameplay

Free Triple Poker – online video poker is played with a standard deck without jokers. There are two additional cards: Double and Triple. The first one doubles the payout for the combination, which has formed in the other four cards, and Triple multiplies it three times. Besides:

  • If Double and Triple appear in hand at once, and there is a combination in three cards (it can be a pair or tris), then the payout on it will increase six times;
  • Users can play at a bet of one to five coins. They set their nominal value independently within the permissible range. The maximum bet (five coins) does not give the client any advantages;
  • To play free video poker, the triple variant, is to make a paid hand. To do this, you can change any number of cards once for free;
  • It has standard poker hands, the youngest of which is a pair of queens;
  • The gameplay at free Triple Poker is also no different from what poker players are used to seeing in other video poker games. They make a bet in coins of their chosen denomination, receive five cards, and change any number of them (if necessary). The payout is calculated for the resulting combination.

The rules allow participating in the risky game of double payout. Everything is standard here: to play video poker online and get extra payouts, players need to guess which of the four hole cards is higher than the open one.

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